Welcome to 1000Vultures.com

Almost a year ago, I began posting a series of stories to the “NoSleep” forum on reddit.com under the name 1000Vultures. For those of you who don’t know, NoSleep is a place where people post horror stories; there, “everything is true, even if it isn’t.” The series started with “Footsteps,” and over the next several weeks, I posted five more stories to finish the tale.

When I had finished posting the series, I was blown away by how well they were received. There have been podcasts, fan art, and even some requests to make short films based on the stories. While the single story was posted in six parts with no unifying name, over the months that followed I came to call the story Penpal.

Before long, I had expanded and revised the stories into a novel and started a Kickstarter to bring it into the world. The novel is now finished – thanks to the tremendous response I received on the Kickstarter – and is up for sale on Amazon.com. In under a year, my collection of stories became a novel, and my username became my publishing company.

Now that you’re here, stay for a while, and take a look around. You never know what you might find.

Some of you may be wondering: why “1000Vultures”? Come with me and I’ll tell you.